Our Day

Join us for a day like no other especially for you to discover more of who you are and introduce her to the World! A full day of workshops, keynotes, panel discussions & talks. Wrapped in community, networking, connection and friendship. Enjoying introductions and introspection wrapped in food, drink and great music!




Doors open at 9.30am when a hearty, healthy breakfast will be served to ensure you start the day off right! You will have a full hour to eat and meet with other attendees before we begin at 10.30am.





From pain to purpose

with Esther N. Jacob


The Authentic Worth Book Workshop is dedicated to Aspiring Self-Published Authors looking to learn about the process of writing a book from start to finish.

About Esther…

Esther has a strong passion for men and women about mental health. She manages events and workshops sharing her story to inspire and influence the upcoming generation. In a world where identity is based on societal standards or what one has achieved, Esther reassures that everyone has a unique gift. She has been interviewed with different podcasters including Premier Gospel Radio, Christian Devotion Speak Up! Podcast, The Authors Podcast, Keeping It Real Radio, and Power Xtra Radio. She has been given the opportunity to promote her books at WHSmith in January, March & May 2019. Esther is looking to support new and aspiring authors in writing their first book providing them a platform to share their story.

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Are you ready to fulfil your potential

with Kirsten Goodwin


The importance of taking a strategic approach to your career, the fundamental pillars you need to develop so that you can fulfill your potential, where you are now, and what to do next.

About Kirsten

For over a decade, Kirsten built a successful career in the Civil Service, negotiating for the UK in Brussels, and operating at the highest levels in some of the toughest roles - including at the National Crime Agency. But she came close to burnout. Her body would shut down from her inability to handle stress. Luckily, she learned powerful “mind-body” tools and techniques that re-set her approach to stress, and helped her thrive. Now she uses her experience to help other ambitious professional women achieve their career goals with ease and balance.

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Your language, your life

with Nicola Pitt

Nicola Pitt.jpg

We will explore how the language we use creates, develops and maintains our internal and external worlds.

We will understand how this language can impact us, positively and negatively and appreciate how we can adapt our language to improve the world we live in and grow our self-belief.

About Nicola

Nicola has over a decade of experience enabling people, individually and in teams, to fulfil their professional potential without becoming exhausted or ill.
A Chartered Physiotherapist by background, Nicola understands the physical impact of pressure and how it can slow success or stop careers altogether. Nicola uses a range of methodologies to bring out the best that individuals and teams can offer so they can operate at their best in all contexts. Nicola brings her medical expertise alongside years of supervising, mentoring and leading individuals to help everyone succeed. Nicola is a Master NLP Practitioner, Clinical Hypnotherapist and qualified Coach.

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There is no harder… only hard

with Ashley Rolfmore


We all have our own personal demons – mental health, family problems, difficult workplaces. And they affect how you act and solve problems in the workplace and at home.

This workshop starts with sharing these demons, and shows how they could be your strengths.

About Ashley…

Shortlisted for the TechWomen100, Ashley Rolfmore works as a Product Owner for Quin, empowering self-care for people with insulin-treated diabetes. She was previously Product Manager at Oxford Computer Consultants, transforming a leading social care product. She also volunteers for the Oxford chapter of Codebar by running workshops to teach underrepresented groups in tech how to code. She loves baking, fudge making, Lego and cycling.

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Developing self-esteem & Confidence

with Rebecca Kimberley


A supportive space to explore as a group what self-esteem and confidence are, and what it means to you as an individual.

Low self-esteem and lack of confidence are some of the most common reasons why clients seek therapy, as it can hold us back from living life in the way that we want.

This opportunity will allow you to learn how to develop a range of tools, tips and techniques as foundation blocks for improving your self-esteem and confidence, and ultimately leading a happier and healthier life.

About Rebecca…

As a therapist working within the NHS, I help people experiencing depression, anxiety, stress, low self-esteem and many other issues. I am also a qualified Life Coach, I offer clients a space to have more effective conversations about their wellbeing, feel confident in managing their mental health, and ultimately lead happier and more fulfilled lives. My motivation is simply to use my professional expertise and lived experience of suicidal depression, social anxiety and confidence issues to raise mental health awareness and inspire, encourage and enable others to promote their personal growth, resilience and wellbeing.

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Instagram for business: How to use it to support your marketing objective

with Ewa Pietreniuk


You will learn how to approach content creation for Instagram to support your brand’s marketing objective.

You will also set clear marketing objective for your business and platform, learn how to analyse your platform based on your business objective, create a plan to address your weaknesses and expand on opportunities and discover how to plan your content to assure consistency and a cohesive look your follower recognise in a glance.

To set you up for success, Ewa will share the most recent trends to ensure your know what content Instagram users love.

About Ewa

Ewa is a Communication & Social Media Strategist who helps female coaches achieve business goals using social media. Her approach is underpinned by an empathetic nature that enables her to understand consumer behaviour and psychology. She has successfully built an online community around her personal blog, her professional brand and multiple clients. Ewa's goal is to help you grow via the right use of social media and online/digital communication. Today, you don't have to be a wealthy corporation to win the audience that will build your brand.

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Career confidence & perseverance

with Irene Adeyinka


The workshop will be focused on developing skills needed for interviews and networking.

Each delegate to learn how to quickly identify their strengths and skills, peer support each other to overcome career fears. By the end of the session, delegates will be able to speak about themselves in a confident and positive way. I am happy to give you more detail nearer to the time.

About Irene

Irene Adeyinka is a London based Career Coach with seven years of mentoring and coaching experience. Irene is the Founder of The Lost Graduate group, a career service that provides personalised career coaching and workshops for all types of graduates. Sessions are focused on career development, career confidence and wellbeing at work. Irene has a successful track record of coaching graduates into employment, higher paid jobs and into new careers. Irene has been recognised for her Entrepreneurship and was recently a Finalist in the Wandsworth Business Awards.

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Discover Your Money Personality

With Holly Stratton


Money is with us for life, we can't dump it or divorce it!

Instead, let's unlock the hidden gifts of your unique money personality so can make your next money moves with confidence.

About Holly

Tracy and Holly are a mother-daughter team. They come from a long line of women who have owned businesses, made their own money and bucked the trend of what’s possible. They have experienced first hand the power of creating, owning and understanding your money method. They combine Tracy’s experience as a lawyer, management consultant and entrepreneur with Holly’s film and storytelling skills to create workshops and online courses about money. Their mission: to help women connect with their money so they can build lives they love.

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Journalling Your Way To Success

With Ilona Brannen


Drawing on neuroscience, this workshop will explain the science behind writing down your goals and how you can help yourself to slide into success effortlessly and in a fun way by re-programming your mind to be primed to spot opportunities and be more focused on your goals.

About Ilona

Ilona is a passionate advocate of women, technology and learning. Throughout her career her passion to understand how humans and technology interact has taken her from teaching maths to teenagers in Elephant and Castle, working with clients all over the world and Cuba and somehow being at Fidel Castro's funeral. Through her research into neuroscience and the immense power of the brain, she loves working with clients to unlock their potential and smash through their goals.Ilona is passionate about women's leadership and she gets to use all her interests to help leaders become fit for the future and help businesses align their strategy through getting the people bit right. She can usually be found in London, doing what she loves while listening to 90's music and practising yoga.

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How Marketing and Creativity Can Propel Your Business

with Stephanie Melodia

Stephanie Melodia.jpg

Marketing, especially the creative part, is so fundamental to business success and yet often the most overlooked area. With creativity being so subjective and “fluffy”, it doesn’t hold the same kudos of black and white numbers, and therefore becomes so much harder to justify when it comes to reinvesting into the business.

That being said, the most successful businesses out there have the most solid and creative brand identities in the world. We are creative creatures by nature, and even if we don’t consider ourselves to be “creative”, the truth is we all are, and the way brands communicate to us go beyond the products or services they’re selling us - the best ones out there ignite emotional connection, and the only way this is done is through creativity.

About Stephanie

Stephanie Melodia runs startup marketing agency, Bloom, delivering London’s freshest marketing to the city’s best startups in beauty, fashion and technology. Prior to setting up Bloom, Stephanie ran the UK marketing for Top 10 Global App Developer, Meitu, and, before this, spent the best part of a decade working agency side, including working at UK Top 50 Ad Agency, Leap. Stephanie is an avid feminist and marries her personal passion with her business for added purpose. Thanks to this passion, too, Stephanie has a number of side projects to help empower women and reduce the gender gap.

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The Success Mindset

With Sophie Thorne

Sophie (9) - Sophie Thorne.jpg

A success mindset is critical to living your dreams, reaching your potential and achieving your goals.

Yes – knowledge, skills and experience can help, but if your mindset sucks, you won’t get very far.

Don’t worry, you’re not doomed to fail! You just need to learn the mindset hacks that successful people know and use daily.

About Sophie

Sophie is a Business Coach and Mentor who helps women take their business to the next level. She works with female entrepreneurs looking to make more money, bring in more clients and generally stand out from the crowd. She’s committed to walking her talk and, in the last few years, has built a six-figure business, travelled the world, and developed her own success mindset. Because of this, Sophie has learnt what works (and what really doesn’t!) when it comes to life as a high performing entrepreneur and she uses this to help women raise their game

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Personal Branding For The Modern Woman

With Stephanie Itimi


According to Jeff Bezos, your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room.

Learn the practical skills needed to create a personal brand that matches your personal values and acts as a passive income.

About Stephanie

Nigerian-born Stephanie Itimi is the founder of Seidea, a social enterprise focused on closing the cybersecurity gender gap and upskilling girls and women from ethnic minority groups with digital skills needed to compete in the modern-day world. She has a track record of facilitating significant development initiatives and was part of the team that pioneered the world’s first public health information service inside the WhatsApp platform. Tackling the issue of fake news during the Ebola Crisis, it provided content in text, images and audio to over 16,000 users in West Africa from the BBC World Service.

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The Multi-Passionate Way

With Jaz Broughton


A lifestyle with many spinning plates can be both fulfilling and overwhelming and many of us may not know the first step to take.

Drawing from my own experience of working fulltime in tech, running a coaching business and personal development podcast. This is an intimate coaching workshop to find your way to live a multi-passionate life with boldness, bravery and balance.

About Jaz

As a multi-passionate woman Jaz believes in living life intentionally, birthing Just Jaz as an expression of these intentions. Through life coaching groups and 1:1 with multi-women who want more she challenges clients to unearth clarity, confidence and change in their lives. Obsessed with personal development she launched The Palm Podcast in 2018 aiming to share stories of human growth from all walks of life believing that there is much we can learn from those to the left and right of us; a springboard for connection and experiences for others to learn. A creative entrepreneur, mentor, creator and coach Jaz seeks to be the change she wants to see in the world; believing in connection, vulnerability and curiosity as a way of life.

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Afternoon Break


Learning Your Personal Rhythms

With Komal George

Komal George.jpg

A session helping you explore what your unique ayurvedic mind-body constitution is and how you can adjust your daily routine to support it.

In session you'll learn about the ultimate holistic healthcare system Ayurveda, determine which elements make up your mind/body type and identify how you can adjust your daily rituals to better support it.

About Komal

Komal George is a Holistic Pharmacist. She helps her clients transform their relationship with their health starting with their weight, by helping them reignite their inner pharmacy. She uses her unique ‘journey programme’ designed using the principles of the ultimate holistic healthcare system Ayurveda, and the modern day approach Functional Medicine, helping her clients to change their relationship with food, themselves and their place in their lives.

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Learning To Say No

With Natalie Scott


After reading Shonda Rhimes “Year of Yes” book it made me realise, that instead of saying yes, I just wanted to say no!

I was tired over the years of always being the person who everyone could rely on and noticed It was time to say “No!” As women we are wired to be care givers and put others before ourselves, but doing this, we forget about ourselves at an alarming rate.

I'm encouraging women to reclaim their power and put themselves first! Why we say Yes all the time? How can Yes be detrimental, Why saying NO is not a death sentence and letting go of guilt.

About Natalie…

You could describe Natalie as a bit of a do-er. She is always doing something and it's usually all the things she loves.
When she's not working in mens fashion, she's touring schools, mentoring and speaking to young people and working on community projects.
She co-hosted a podcast for millennials and now finds herself encouraging people to attain their greatest potential with confidence and care, through social
media empowerment content and talks. This savvy saver just doesn't stop and she really wants to see everyone WIN!

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Redefining Womanhood: Reproductive Wellbeing & Work

With Saschan Fearon-Josephs


A workshop to explore your reproductive wellbeing from endo to fibroids and to maximise your cycle for productivity and success.

We'll start with the basics of really understanding the benefits of tracking your cycle to asking for the support you need at work.

About Saschan…

Saschan Fearon-Josephs is an award winning entrepreneur and director of The Womb Room. Founded in 2011 Saschan created a space for people with reproductive health problems to share information, learn how to manage their conditions and connect with experts. Having successfully supported thousands of women to improve their knowledge, understanding and lives through digital and social channels The Womb Room now wants to change the way people engage with reproductive health and well-being issues at work reinvesting a percentage of profits into providing free services for women and education programmes for girls.

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The Business Behind The Business

With Talisa Wallace


This fast-paced session is packed full of practical steps aimed at getting you ready to enter the world of business.

Come armed with your business plan, business idea or quite simply just an inquisitive mind and go on a journey to take it from rough edit to the blueprint of a workable, functioning business

. Covering all aspects including funding, structure, business model and marketing; this interactive session is a one-stop-shop geared up to map out your business and get you ready to hit the ground running.

About Talisa…

Business specialist Talisa runs a flourishing property business with her brother, having experienced the highs and lows of business and coming out the other side with a profitable and stable business. Keen on personal development, she has worked with some of the top trainers and coaches across the fields of business, marketing, tech and property. She has had a number of successful mentors prior to starting on her own journey in business which helped her to avoid certain pitfalls and fast-track her success. She is always keen to translate the wisdom, knowledge and insights garnered over the years into practical, actionable steps that others can benefit from.


Innovation as a Female Superpower with Zaisha Smith


We all have the dream to make our play, the things we love to do, be the thing that we get paid to do right?

The beautiful thing is that for the first time, technology has made it possible. It takes no more than a few hours to have an online business up and running or a website to promote your services. But the hard truth is, building a website isn't building a business.

In this workshop, we will explore how to harness our natural feminine inclination towards empathy to build better, more innovative businesses for our customers.

About Zaisha…

The number one reasons startups fail is because their product does not resonate with the market. With a passionate belief in power of technology to solve the worlds biggest problems, Zaisha founded Pitchsmiths to fix this. Since then, she has brought insight into human behaviour and the power of storytelling, to help dozens of technical founders discover their value and consequently communicate it to customers and investors. Prior to this, she spent 5 years working both in-house and as a consultant supporting businesses solve strategic challenges, spanning finance, innovation, growth strategy and HR.

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