Goals for life coaching

As a life coach that work's with clients 1:1 I get asked all the time "what is a desired area of change that can be brought into coaching?" or "I'm not sure I have a goal, I just know something needs to change" or "What kind of questions is life coaching for?"

So I thought I'd write an list (which is not exhaustive):

  1. You are in a crossroads in your career and are not sure how to reach the position you want

  2. You want to build confidence

  3. You have a life changing decision to make and want to know what you really think

  4. You are unsure how to communicate yourself, your ideas and beliefs with others

  5. You have become lost in the busyness of life and want to fin yourself again

  6. You feel overwhelmed, stressed and burned out and need to map the journey to changing that

  7. You have a super-scary dream which is too big for you to make a move on and want to figure out what to do first

  8. You run a business as well as working full-time but are not sure how to do that in a practical and sustainable way

  9. You are preparing to have a tough conversation professionally or personally

  10. You are being crippled by imposter syndrome

  11. You are being over-run with procrastination, anxiety and fear

  12. You are responding negatively to many moments in life and want to know why

  13. You struggle with commitment

  14. You don't feel like you are making the most of life and want to know how you can

  15. You want to improve your performance professionally be it as a leader in corporate environments, an entrepreneur, a creative, performer or musician or somebody beginning their career journey you want to hit your target and achieve your goals faster

  16. You want to enhance your decision-making abilities ahead of a pivotal time in life

  17. You have a fast-paced business and want to take care of yourself at the center of it

  18. You have just experienced something big, the end of a relationship, a job not work out or an opportunity not come to fruition, you are still coming to terms with the change but want to paint a new picture

  19. You have many many dreams and want to know how to bring them to reality

  20. Any other question that you ask yourself!

If you identify with any of these goals or indeed have asked this of yourself or in conversation with a good friend coaching is a great way for you to access your own solutions. As a life coach I work with individuals on a 1:1 basis with a sole focus on their self-declared goals or desired area of change. To find out more about the change you can achieve with coaching, book a discovery call here now.