Introducing Jo Hamlyn

Introducing Jo Hamlyn

Who is Jo Jo Hamlyn?

I’m Jo Hamlyn. I transitioned from working in the theatre industry to being a web designer just over 2 years ago, and now work for myself building custom websites for people who want to grow their businesses online. The best parts of my work are the freedom it gives me to chose who I work with, which has meant I’ve built some beautiful websites for some awesome people, and the constant learning and development a job in tech offers. I truly believe that technology has, and is, making the world a better place. Being part of that, and needing to constantly develop and evolve in my work, in turn, encourages me do the same in my whole life and become a better person.

What do you think everyone should experience once in their lives?

Being self-employed. I had been in employment for around 20 years before I went freelance and it was amazing to learn how naive I had been about managing time and money, prioritising and being focused. I’m not saying that you can't be these things in employment but, I thought I was, I would have probably described myself as someone who is “excellent at time management and incredibly focused” when I was in my old job, but I promise you I can now see I wasn’t. Working for myself has taught me how to schedule and manage my time and money properly. If I don’t hit a deadline or go over budget things like buying food or paying rent become pretty terrifying rather than mundane tasks you mildly resent doing, which is how I felt about them when I had a steady pay check coming in that wouldn’t have been affected if a deadline slipped.

If I do ever go back into being employed I know I will be 100% better as an employee with the skills I have learnt since I’ve worked for myself.

Given the choice of anyone in the world, whom would you want as a dinner guest?

Kris Jenner. She absolutely astounds and fascinates me in every way. I understand that the Kardashians and what they represent is not always positive and I don’t watch KUWTK regularly. My admiration is separate from the Kardashian Brand and specially for her.

I think she is incredible. I find inspiration in so may aspects of her personality. To me she is beautiful and hilarious. I believe her to be incredibly perceptive and her ability to make decisions and follow through on them must be second to none, to have achieved all she has in business they can’t be anything other. I admire her strength, I believe her when she talks about how much she loves her family, to see people you love go thought the painful situations some of them have all whilst achieving everything she does must require incredible strength and faith.

Above all, I admire her ability to manage time. She must be incredibly skilled at delegation and choosing the right people to be part of her team. If I had some one on one time with her this would be the subject I would be most interested to hear her option on and any advice she gave me I would follow without question.

How do you manage stress?

Football. My obsession with football has immeasurably changed my life or the better. At the beginning of the year I treated my partner Nick to a Sky Sports subscription which resulted in something football related being on the television 24/7. By the end of the first month I was completely, teenager in love with a pop-star level hooked.

I urge anyone who needs a new strategy to manage stress to find an interest in something like football. The key qualities the work for me in it are;

  1. It’s just a game. A ridiculous game where 22 people chase a tiny ball around for 90 minutes. As a spectator the stakes are low, noting really matters and there is ALWAYS the next game, competition, season etc… coming along to improve on what’s passed, but, equally, the capacity to find joy in the unexpected is immeasurable.

  2. There are some very inspiring people involved in it, specifically the managers and coaching teams who are incredibly skilled at getting the best from their teams and often achieve what seems impossible.

  3. It’s endless. As I type now its football’s summer break so there are no matches but the transfer window, where players are bought and sold between clubs, is open. I find it fascinating to try and unpick the decisions made by various clubs and the implications they will have on the games ahead. This constant flow of new information plus the vast history, means if you need to divert your attention unexpectedly and not dive into something toxic like worrying about how you compare to photoshopped images of models on instagram, which was my go to before football, it’s always there for you.

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