• A collection of activities, experiences & moments that support your mental health


    A wise person once said, "Everything ain't for everybody".


    I agree.


    Whilst we ALL have a mind with mental health, we don't ALL excel at doing meditation or yoga to maintain it positively (No shade, they will still be in the cupboard).


    For some of us walking instead of taking the bus 3 stops is the pinnacle of maintaining a great mental health.


    I have simply brought some of them here, some I have tried, others' I haven't but this isn't about me, this OUR cupboard filled with things that may not work for EVERYBODY but SOMEBODY!






    The quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness



    This year I started with a gratitude jar which I grabbed from IKEA and I add post-its and put it on my desk so it non-verbally judges me when I tell my friends the amazing beautiful moments and things I am thankful for. I always feel tempted to crack it open when I'm in a low mood but simply look at the jar and think back to the moments I wrote each carefully folded post-it. (Cracking this thing open end of the year, if you want to join me click here!




    Wake up and just speak it, open your mouth each morning and say what you are grateful for. Try and keep it to a maximum of 3 because you don't want it to feel like a list but something natural



    So, I spent about £3 on my gratitude experiment (£2 IKEA jar and £1 post its). Alternatively, to spend a few more coins, grab a cute gratitude journal from my fave Kikki.K (from £15)


    Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash


    indulge with every attention, comfort, and kindness; spoil.



    Doesn't that definition just take your breath away??? I've always been a fan of some pampering the free AND paid kind, I have fond memories going to the nail salon with my sisters and sitting in the hairdressers being offered some water, reading magazines and coming out feeling like I'm ready for my close-up! However, my all time favourite is a facial, and I enjoy going for massages with my boyfriend. These 2 are extra special because at the pinnacle of switch-off-dom I involuntarily begin to heavy-breathe (aka snore). I don't know that there are space for worries, cares and anxiety at that point because these treatments are at least 45mins so my mental "list" gives up about 10mins in.



    This one is going to sound crazy but, lotion yourself. Get a nice smelling lotion or oil and work your way from your head to your toes. This is also filled with self-love, take care to notice your body and thank it, notice it soak up every droplet. Taking your TIME to do this can be great in forcing your mind and body to pause while you take care of it.



    So, find your local spa, salon, treatment rooms etc. Or, let the specialists find you!

    The Beaute Box provide vegan luxury mobile beauty treatments (everything I mentioned above except hair)

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