Panel Discussions

Throughout the day we will have 4 panel sessions throughout the day in the main space and classroom. A chance to hear from women in the space with interactive Q&A.


The power of community


Your host Frankie Cotton…

Frankie Cotton is an entrepreneur and co-host of the ‘Bossing It’ podcast, recently founding Found & Flourish, a network for women entrepreneurs, and The Sustainable Marketplace, an e-commerce platform empowering busy people to buy more sustainably.

A former Global Marketing Director and Consultant for technology brands, Frankie is focused on the power of intelligent branding with effective digital marketing to drive business growth. Frankie consults on strategic marketing.

Frankie is passionate about combining profit with purpose. Her commercial ventures have a strong mission and associated values. As entrepreneurs, we have the power to make a positive difference in the world.

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Davinia Scott-Young

On a journey of unlearning, to relearn a self-confessed walking contradiction; Founder; Mother; writer & Love advocate – on a road to becoming all that I envision for myself. A shining example of everything I could have learned a long time ago, while also everything that’s never too late to learn. I want to share my knowledge and truths in order to encourage and enable others to do so.

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Irene Adeyinka

Irene Adeyinka is a London based Career Coach with seven years of mentoring and coaching experience. Irene is the Founder of The Lost Graduate group, a career service that provides personalised career coaching and workshops for all types of graduates. Sessions are focused on career development, career confidence and well being at work. Irene has a successful track record of coaching graduates into employment, higher paid jobs and into new careers. Irene has been recognised for her Entrepreneurship and was recently a Finalist in the Wandsworth Business Awards.

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Bukky Balogun

Bukky has an undergraduate degree in Law, a Masters degree in Human Resource Management, Level 7 Associate CIPD status, 5 years Generalist HR experience within Government, Advertising and Media; PR, Marketing and Influencer Relations Management experience within the Beauty Industry, she runs her own series of events with one of  her best friends under their company The House Party and armed with a passion for building environments that promote equality, wellness, opportunity and development of self, she has recently joined The Womb Room as Director of Cultural Change.

To summarise, Bukky has studied a lot and now does a lot of people related sh*te!

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Finding your way to well-being


Your host Jaz Broughton…

As a multi-passionate woman Jaz believes in living life intentionally, birthing Just Jaz as an expression of these intentions. Through life coaching groups and 1:1 with multi-women who want more she challenges clients to unearth clarity, confidence and change in their lives. Obsessed with personal development she launched The Palm Podcast in 2018 aiming to share stories of human growth from all walks of life believing that there is much we can learn from those to the left and right of us; a springboard for connection and experiences for others to learn. A creative entrepreneur, mentor, creator and coach Jaz seeks to be the change she wants to see in the world; believing in connection, vulnerability and curiosity as a way of life.

Rebecca Kimberley

As a therapist working within the NHS, I help people experiencing depression, anxiety, stress, low self-esteem and many other issues. I am also a qualified Life Coach, I offer clients a space to have more effective conversations about their well-being, feel confident in managing their mental health, and ultimately lead happier and more fulfilled lives. My motivation is simply to use my professional expertise and lived experience of suicidal depression, social anxiety and confidence issues to raise mental health awareness and inspire, encourage and enable others to promote their personal growth, resilience and well-being.

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Rimi Omolekulo

Nigerian heritage, British born - Londoner. I’m an advocate for mental-health awareness and self-learning. Being a soul-searcher by nature and living with depression since my mid-teens, I am a lover of all things necessary and life-giving. Having started a blog in March this year, I aim to encourage people to intentionally seek their own peace of mind personally, professionally, holistically. By sharing my experiences, I aim to leave people with one message - There’s much more to learn in exploring and making bold, intentional choices unapologetically than in staying on the sidelines, hoping things will change, and thus, normalising our pain and stagnation.

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Selma Basto

Selma Basto’s professional career begin after completing an Undergraduate Degree in Psychology and Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology. Selma has worked closely within the mental health and social services and now within the civil service’s Department for Work and Pensions. She has held different well-being workshops and has now decided to specialise in her field further by completing a Postgraduate Diploma in Counselling and Psychotherapy, to become a qualified practitioner. Alongside this, Selma is also a singer-songwriter that goes by the name of Ella Frank, determined on encouraging listeners to take music for what it is.

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Shrina Purohit

Shrina is a 28-year-old mental health blogger, advocate and creator of The Crazy Happy Lady. Launching her brand two and a half years ago, Shrina now wishes to show other people with similar experiences that they too can live their most authentic and best lives. Through sharing her story via written pieces, videos, talks and workshops, she aims to show the highs, the lows, the mistakes made and the laughs gained to inspire as many people as she can to join together, light the way and embrace themselves exactly as they are.

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