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  • Women in tech & leadership

  • The power of introspection & self-coaching

  • Productivity & Time Management

  • Spotlight on Customer Success

  • The power of storytelling

  • Leading your professional growth

  • Surviving vs Thriving in your career

Thanks a lot for your presentation on Wednesday, it was great!
Lots of good inputs and you are a great presenter. It is never easy to capture people’s attention when speaking about data at 8am in the morning. Well let me say that you nailed that part!


Own your story, CREATE YOUR LIFE

We are all enchanted by stories and we are told over and over again as entrepreneurs how important storytelling is for your business and building your brand. 

With trends toward authenticity and so many different ways of classifying your day to day: from side hustler, to entrepreneurs, to founder, CEO, director it is easy to get lost in the title or worse yet be defined by your title and not your story.

Self-coaching for THE MULTI-PASSIONATE

We all have the moment when you are chatting away at a social or networking event and somebody asks " So what do you do?" and sometimes the answer is simple, "I am a {insert job title} at {insert company}" but more often we are responding "I am an {insert job title} at {insert company} but I also {insert side hustle/course/career aspiration}". As the world of work changes and presents more risk, tough decisions and adventure there are movements towards taking personal development into our own hands, diversifying income streams and simple pursuing passions with as much intensity as our 9-5's.


Difficult conversations are a part of life and one of the things your never really taught in formal education. As your career develops you are given more responsibility and with leadership often comes the particular responsibility to manage and communicate with people. Be it giving feedback, disagreeing with a point in a meeting or the dreaded firing of a staff member there are various ways the “difficult conversation” rears its ugly head in our day to day.

Be like water; navigating change

A good friend once said to me “Be like water” and I paused, I asked him what that means and he said “No matter what happens, be like water”.  

In an ever changing World it is my belief that through self-knowledge we can navigate our way through everything life hurls our way. Through the metaphor of water, in this workshop we will explore what it means to fill the space you are given, what it means to flow around when you would rather go through, what it means to go-with-the-flow and finding your pace, speed and momentum. Just like water

I also work with clients to create something new and specific for their audience based on their needs.

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