CV Check up

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CV Check up

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Often we want to go for a new opportunity but get stuck in the mud when we realise we need to send a CV to apply, a document that is probably collecting dust on your laptop and you were glad to retire once you secured your current role.

This task can often seem overwhelming and we think we don’t have the skills to not only update it but do so in a meaningful way.

This is where I come in, with over 14 years experience of editing CVs for friends, family, colleagues and paying strangers with this CV check up I will not only review and edit your CV but share the insight into each change so you feel confident you have a document that represents you and won’t get you stuck in the mud again.

Sounds too good to be true right? It isn’t, I will do all this for you in the following way:

  • Send a detailed form to understand your goals and the types of opportunity you want this CV to meet and attract

  • Review the CV you send by email in an editable format within 5 working days

  • Provide you an updated CV with full inventory of the changes

  • (Optional) have a 30 minute call to ensure it is perfectly tailored and that you understand all the changes applied

Please note this is a consultative service so the more information and insight you provide the happier you will be with your result. The standard turnaround is 5 working days from receipt of your current document by email, however, a fast track option is available of 48 hours.

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  • Normal service 5 working days from receipt of original document

  • Fast track - 48 Hours from receipt of original document