The Multi-Passionate Coaching Programme


The Multi-Passionate Coaching Programme

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If you consider yourself to be a side-hustler, a multi-passionate, a multi-hyphenate. Put simply, if you have projects and dreams beyond your 9-5 this is for you. A 12 week structured programme of coaching to execute the what and how by focusing on the who and why of you and your dream.


  • Have candid, curious and challenging conversations interwoven with reflective exercises

  • Establish goals for a set time frame

  • Unearth all the why’s and how’s of your passions

  • Commit to your personal growth & development

  • Empower you to seek the answers to your challenges and road to your goals from within


A structured 12 week programme with reflective exercises, 1:1 support and x4 90 minute coaching conversations.

Please note, this is a life coaching not business coaching programme so will focus on you in relation to your project/business/dream.

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Please Note

  1. This is a life coaching programme

  2. The programme will commence on 2nd November for all those taking part with materials delivered by email or post

  3. You will receive 4 90 minute coaching sessions which will be booked in advance and can be delivered face to face or remotely

  4. As a certified and insured coach, this programme will be delivered subject to a contract detailing the relationship and service to be provided

  5. It is important that this programme meets your needs, you are committed to the process and set aside the time for not only the coaching but the reflective exercises between. We will discuss more about this in your call which you can book here.