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This is me; Who are you?

A brief tale about my story thus far, what I’ve achieved and what I’m looking forward to.

About Shrina

Shrina is a 28-year-old mental health blogger, advocate and creator of The Crazy Happy Lady. Launching her brand two and a half years ago, Shrina now wishes to show other people with similar experiences that they too can live their most authentic and best lives. Through sharing her story via written pieces, videos, talks and workshops, she aims to show the highs, the lows, the mistakes made and the laughs gained to inspire as many people as she can to join together, light the way and embrace themselves exactly as they are.

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How to stop fear of failure from holding you down

You'll walk away from this talk with three actionable steps that will take you from "i'll do it when the time is right" to "I'm starting today"

About Rachel

Rachel is passionate about personal growth and connecting with others. Her work is driven by a desire to build effective teams, develop people and work collaboratively with others to provide innovative solutions to problems, always finding a way forwards.

Over the past few years she has been exploring the balance between super efficient, personal productivity and slowing down to manage your own mindset. This debate led her to her favourite topic to discuss: expectations, and how we can better shape high but purposeful expectations of ourselves. 

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All vaginas matter

Isha's experience with gynaelogical health, what to look out for and why we should pay attention

About Isha

Born and raised in London, Isha is a history and sociology graduate with experience in communications and working within the charity sector. 
Using her knowledge of the disparities in the healthcare system for (black) women, Isha uses social media to encourage women aged 25-35 to have their cervical screening test done and to be more open about gynaecological health.

In March, Isha appeared on BBC Breakfast, BBC London, Sky News and National radio for the first Public Health England campaign as well as appearing on the Life Saving Wax campaign with Treatwell.

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You’ve got this: Making peace with imposter syndrome

Imposter syndrome is something so many people (particularly high-achieving, badass women) struggle with. In this lightening talk, I'll share my experience of tangible strategies you can use to tell your inner critic to shut the hell up or harness it to your advantage.

About Hannah

Hello, I'm Hannah and I'm a People person, mental health at work advocate, massive foodie and proud doggy mum to a gorgeous Cockapoo named Toast. I stumbled into my first ever People role after university at travel scaleup. I started there with what is still my favourite job title of all time - ‘People Person’. I’d found my thing. My career since has been as a People generalist - spanning the whole employee experience, with a particular emphasis on culture, coaching & caring for employees and internal comms. I'm now a Partner at Unleashed.Company. We work with amazing early-stage tech businesses to set them up for speedy, scalable, sustainable success through People + Culture.

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How to be the leader you want to be

Claire will share her personal thoughts and insights on how we can develop ourselves as individuals and leaders. Reflecting on her own experiences she’ll explain why she believes ‘holding up the mirror’ to become more self-aware of our communication and decision making style preferences and challenging our thinking are all important contributors to achieving our aims and feeling fulfilled.

About Claire

Having ‘walked in the shoes’ of many of her clients, as a Marketing Director and Learning and Development Consultant, Claire has a unique insight into their world, which she brings, along with her natural positivity, infectious energy and warmth to her coaching and workshops.
If you or your team are looking to develop a growth mindset, work together more effectively, build your personal leadership style or land your dream job she is always up for an exploratory conversation (especially if accompanied by a latte and cake!)




Embracing all of our elements

Which parts of you are you honouring, which parts are hidden? The more that we embrace and recognize that we ‘contain multitudes’, the more we feel ourself and the more we trust ourselves. Nature reminds us, sometimes gently and sometimes forcefully, of the full spectrum of what exists and the full spectrum of who we are and who we can be. Nature can give us permission, if we need it, to be any or all of these elements. And this is the basis of my coaching – and this talk - to support you in being unapologetically you.

With Rowena Gerrett

Hello. I am a coach, trainer and teacher.
I currently work primarily on my coaching business, Rowan Tree Coaching, and my freelance training work. I focus primarily on female development and empowerment, and I especially enjoy working with women who focus on change for social good, from grass roots to boardroom. My coaching works in an intuitive style, often including strong nature and body connection.
My portfolio career has spanned from teaching in schools in the UK and overseas, to volunteer management in East Africa, from freelance training with development organisations to coordination of a refugee education programme.

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I’m developed, what now?

A talk about how to stay inspired and motivated after achieving a big goal and realising you need to address your addiction to self-development books and start living in the now. I will talk about my experience of exactly this and what I do to keep focused.

with Jo Hamlyn

I’m Jo Hamlyn. I transitioned from working in the theatre industry to being a web designer just over 2 years ago, and now work for myself building custom websites for people who want to grow their businesses online. The best parts of my work are the freedom it gives me to chose who I work with, which has meant I’ve built some beautiful websites for some awesome people, and the constant learning and development a job in tech offers. I truly believe that technology has, and is, making the world a better place. Being part of that, and needing to constantly develop and evolve in my work, in turn, encourages me do the same in my whole life and become a better person.

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New models of leadership

As we move deeper into the digital age, new models of leadership are needed in the world. Feminine qualities of collaboration, empathy and creativity are essential to be an effective leader and as we evolve do we need new models of leadership rooted in self-leadership to unlock the entire teams creative power.

with Ilona Brannen

Ilona is a passionate advocate of women, technology and learning. Throughout her career her passion is to understand how humans and technology interact and how to get the best out of people. Ilona loves working with clients to unlock their potential and smash through their goals. Ilona is passionate about women's leadership and she gets to use all her interests to help leaders become fit for the future and help businesses align their strategy through getting the people bit right. She can usually be found in London, doing what she loves while listening to 90's music and practising yoga. 

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Lessons from the brink of burnout

How my background as a typical high-achieving perfectionist led me to burnout, what is burnout anyway, the one key thing i recommend to manage your stress levels based on modern neuroscience.

with Kirsten Goodwin

For over a decade, Kirsten built a successful career in the Civil Service, negotiating for the UK in Brussels, and operating at the highest levels in some of the toughest roles - including at the National Crime Agency. But she came close to burnout. Her body would shut down from her inability to handle stress. Luckily, she learned powerful “mind-body” tools and techniques that re-set her approach to stress, and helped her thrive. Now she uses her experience to help other ambitious professional women achieve their career goals with ease and balance.

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Sisterhood is your superpower

Ashley’s journey learning that the best way out of a career and life jam was to help others.

with Ashley Rolfmore

Shortlisted for the TechWomen100, Ashley Rolfmore works as a Product Owner for Quin, empowering self-care for people with insulin-treated diabetes. She was previously Product Manager at Oxford Computer Consultants, transforming a leading social care product. She also volunteers for the Oxford chapter of Codebar by running workshops to teach underrepresented groups in tech how to code. She loves baking, fudge making, Lego and cycling.

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