The Palm Podcast

EST. 13 OCT 18

I created the project because people kept forgetting themselves, their wisdom & experience. I hope that through sharing our stories we would be forced to remember and be encouraged by our unique journey’s as something that can inspire others.


People are forgetting themselves and their true power. As humans we have the power to grow and evolve at different paces based on what happens within our nurture vs nature and we can CHOOSE to nurture ourselves. With personal development we unlock the undiscovered parts of ourselves and therefore create our lives, open our perspective and go where we may have never dared go.


I see a future where everyone is acutely aware of their badassness (insert your own word here as you please) and ensure that in every circumstance where an opportunity is presented and the competition is fair because you have brought your full self because you know your full self, examples roll off your tongue and you have mastered the skill of answering the question like baby bear, not too hard (arrogant) and not too soft (bashful) but just right, and then trust that the right outcomes will manifest.


To gather 250 stories of personal development & human growth

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This is the way to register your interest. Answer a few short questions and give me an overview of the story you would like to share. The more the merrier, no formal requirements or restrictions.


Book a time to record using calendly (mostly evenings and weekends).We then login to a Zoom audio-only call and have a great conversation.


Once recorded I do some very light editing, and add your beautiful face and a short bio to the show notes so listeners can engage and follow along!

Seek the stories, share the journey

Season 1

  • 001 New found passions, Kyrie Irving and mental health with Samuel Ojeleye

  • 002 Life coaching, self-awareness and curiosity with Serenella Ferraro

  • 003 Adventures, Beyoncé and Support systems with Lyvonne Saunders

  • 004 The portfolio career, giving back & making the most of opportunities with Natalie Scott

  • 005 Boundaries, freedom & Understanding your energy with Vix Anderton

  • 006 Mindset, maternal instinct & morning ritual with Harleen H Chadha

  • 007 A personal practice, priming your day & social media with Olivia Palmer-Creigg

  • 008 Serendipity, spontaneity & science with Hannah Keal

  • 009 Intersectional feminism, trusting in yourself & creating safe spaces with Chloe Laws

  • 010 Starting from scratch, never-ending learning in tech & putting yourself first with Jo Hamlyn

  • 011 Winging it, trying again & degree or no-degree with Ahsan Rashid

  • 012 Metamorphosis, negative self-talk & uncovering what we really want with Crystal Hendrickson

  • 013 Introversion as a strength, immersive experiences & weightlifting with Susan Zhuang

  • 014 Fear of failure, honouring yourself & adversity with Rime Mahdi

  • 015 Widening perspectives, a good addiction & setting intentions with Josh Watkinson

  • 016 Creativity, leadership & family inspiration with William Villalobos

Season 2

  • 017 Vulnerability, career currency & change with Katie Shore

  • 018 Listening to your body, mind with matter & playfulness with Rowena Gerrett

  • 019 Game-changing routines, Strategy & Reflection with Ewa Pietreniuk