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    Why I coach

    I coach because I know the power of coaching first had. After living with anxiety for almost 10 years, experiencing burnout and completing a mental health first aid course I was lucky to have an employer that offered coaching to all staff. I brought my anxieties, fears, hopes and dreams into the coaching space and had found a way to operate. I learned that through self-knowledge, awareness and a space to think I could navigate anything life threw at me. So in the Autumn of 2017 I began my training and the rest is history!

    Who I coach

    I coach people, from all walks of life, careers, ages, locations. I don't specialise or limit my clients in any way because I know how universal coaching is. I am currently working with entrepreneurs, stay at home mothers, students, millennials, and creatives and I look forward to that list becoming more and more diverse as my practice continues.

    How I coach

    My approach is to create a safe, confidential space. BE it by phone, video or face to face you will get my FULL attention. Because I care, simply because I care and want for you what you want for you. I am open, reflective, honest, challenging and available in between sessions for support and accountability. I pride myself of communication, flexibility, understanding, listening and continuous development. As a person and a coach. That is my commitment to you.

  • What is Life Coaching?

    A conversation

    Two people talking, one more than the other

    A selfish space

    It is one of the few spaces that are all about YOU. Not me, YOU

    A place to learn

    Through sharing you are able to learn what you truly believe,think and feel. Free of judgement or opinion

    A place to be honest

    Say the things you've never said to anybody. This space is confidential.

    A place of desire

    This is where you can say what you want with no doubt or fear. Tell me about your dreams and desired reality

    A place for accountability

    As your coach, I hold you accountable to yourself, to the thing you want for yourself, to the steps you commit to making

  • "I was unsure what I wanted the focus for these coaching sessions to do.

    However, I feel it was productive and we thoroughly explored my focus in detail and set exercises to put in place moving forward and to review for my next coaching session."

    " I felt I had my coach's full attention, there was plenty of eye contact, she ​listens well and asked specific questions which got to elaborate on my situation, think about what I wanted to do and what I could do."

    At first, it was a weird experience as I did not know what to expect. However, as I started to be sincere with myself I learned that the things that I needed coaching in I already knew what to do. having someone there to help me realize that was an amazing experience and I definitely recommend it to anyone.

  • How It Works

    Step by Step. Day by Day. Week by Week. Month by Month.



    Experience a complimentary first session where we will discuss your interest in coaching, answer any questions and dive into a coaching conversation



    Only you can decide if you wish to continue.

    If you decide to begin coaching straight away we will establish a coaching agreement


    Dive in

    Following acceptance of my proposal; coaching conversations will take place regularly as agreed




    At the end of the agreed coaching period we will sit to intentionally review the initial goals, actions and new reality

  • Any Questions? Want a Quick Chat? Want to have a coaching conversation?

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