All in Reflections

Goal Setting from day 1

Goals are presented to us regularly from our first school on-wards. You have target grades in education alongside any goals you are encouraged to set on extra-curricular activities. Sometimes goals are even set on your behalf; during parents evening, when beginning secondary education. This then evolves into goals set in the workplace, the annual performance review that requires you to reflect and satisfy criteria, competencies and expectations. All of these are a goals imposed on us at periods dictated by people that typically are not us.

Bravery, Boldness & Balance

You see, what has got me to this point is being brave, bold & balanced. And what will keep me going is the same, my greatest fear is to lose my balance and get to a place where I don’t have the energy or ability to be brave and bold. Because I know my zone of genius needs all 3, my dreams and the dreams of others rely on my getting better at all 3. And I know I will never need to play small or give up my passions if I continue to get better at all 3.

The power of mindful creativity

Creativity is often the safe haven we retreat to when we are running low of self-care; when our minds have become so frazzled with the complex and nuanced busyness of life.

Being creative connects you to something so human and natural that it's hard to think of to-do-lists and schedules whilst you do so. In fact, if you can do both simultaneously I dare say you have a super-power!

3 steps to change

Change is sometimes painful, sometimes we actually sub-consciously and consciously want to stay exactly how we are and therefore where we are. Change was not designed to be a walk in the park, it's more of a marathon; unique, challenging and in many way predictably unpredictable (you never know if it will start to rain or your ankle may give out).